Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Conflicting Seasons and My New Favorite Music

I am thoroughly confused right now.  Can someone please tell me what season it is?!?  Let me explain to you my dilemma.  According to me, it is summer because I'm on summer break.  According to the calendar, it is spring (the first day of summer isn't until June 21).  And to further confuse me, the weather is telling me that it is still winter!  That's right, it snowed for a couple of hours here today.  It never did stick, but it snowed heavily for quite some time.  Now do you blame me for being bewildered?

I accidentally ran into a Christian music group last week that has quickly become my favorite!  It's a husband and wife group -- Keith and Kristyn Getty.  Keith writes modern hymns, and Kristyn sings them.  And it sounds absolutely beautiful.  I won't say anything more about them; I'll just give you a sample.  This my favorite of all their songs: By Faith.


  1. I can't believe it snowed. Oh dear.

  2. I know, the weather's so confusing! I'm almost on summer vacation, yet the calandar says it's spring and last week the weather was imitating winter. Aargh
    haha anyway that band is really good. I like the first instrument it shows...what is that?


  3. Hey Tia,

    Yes, the instrument in the beginning of the song is really quite amazing! Unfortunately though, I don't know what it is. It is sort of like a bagpipe, but he's not blowing into it, and it doesn't have a drone (At least that's what my Dad says. I don't completely understand what a drone actually is.) Sorry I can't answer your question!

    In Christ,


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