Wednesday, July 31, 2013


As I’m sure you’ll notice, blogging hasn’t quite made it onto my priority list as of late. There are probably an awful lot of things I should have been posting over the past several months, but I have been remiss. For now, I am posting pictures of our garden per request.

I like gardens. They seem like such a miracle to me. I love the way that we can plant, water, tend, and pour as much energy as we like into a garden, but God is the one that causes the growth and makes everything beautiful.

We planted our garden back in May, and it’s the biggest one we’ve ever had. Friends asked to see pictures, thus this post.  I wasn't able to get blog-worthy pictures of everything. Not pictured, we have tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, and squash growing.  We also were harvesting romaine lettuce and spinach for several weeks, but those plants have all pretty much gone to seed by now and are no longer producing.

Mom planted these forget-me-nots before we even knew what kind of flower they were.  They were beautiful, but unfortunately attracted flies.  We had planted them right outside the back door.  Needless to say, they are gone now.  We enjoyed them while they were there though!

Growing tomatillo.

My cousin Mariah and our gigantic sunflower!

Cucumber plants.  We've harvested a few of those.

Basil!  Hooray for pesto!

Swiss chard.  One of my Daddy's favorites for juicing.


We tried growing broccoli for the first time this year.  So far we've only gotten little tiny heads like the one below.

Green beans

Blooming zinnia...

... and bloomed!



Corn! Haven't harvested any that was ready yet.  Hopefully we can get them before the worms do.

Some of these photos are courtesy of Mariah Lee.