Monday, May 16, 2011

My 16th Birthday

Last Saturday was my 16th birthday. It was a unique one for me. Over the years, it has become customary for us to spend my birthday together as a family at home just hanging out. This year, however, was different. I got to spend the day with my precious friend Natalie. Perhaps you will remember that her family travels the country as evangelists. Last Saturday, they just happened to be in Phoenix, and invited us to come down for an outreach with them. Of course, I wouldn't pass up an opportunity to be with Natalie, so I got up at the early hour of 4:15 so our family could drive to Phoenix to see them. I'm so glad that I did.

Me playing with my new phone, a gift from my parents.

Me opening my card from my family.  They are so precious to me!
We met at Cracker Barrel for a delicious breakfast.

At the Cracker Barrel
Then we headed to a local park to hand out tracts, make balloon animals, paint faces, and share the gospel.  It was my first time making balloon animals, and it was quite fun!  Natalie taught me how to make a couple of basic things.  (We didn't get any pictures of the outreach.  Sorry!)

After the outreach I opened some gifts from Natalie's family and her cousin's family.  I was so blessed by their kindness to me.

Then came the most difficult part.  Parting with Natalie.  I miss her so much already.

Afterwards, we made the two hour drive home, and hung out the rest of the day.  We played Boggle (my favorite if you'll remember!), made pizza for dinner, had one of my favorite desserts (Guadalupe Pie), and watched a movie.  In all, the day was very special and blessed for me, and I am so thankful to the people who strove to make it so.


  1. I miss you too! I had such a wonderful day with you! <3 -Natalie

  2. Awww that's so sweet! Glad you had a good birthday! What kind of phone is it?


  3. Hi Tialla,

    It's an LG Cosmos, I believe. It was the free one. :) I found out on Sunday that Mrs. Helton has the same phone as me! :)

    In Christ,

  4. whoa, I have the same phone! The LG Cosmos. I noticed that Mrs. Helton had it also... That's pretty cool, me thinks. haha ;)


  5. Happy Late Birthday! Wow! You have the LG Cosmos?!?! That's the same phone I have!!! Cool!


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