Saturday, December 6, 2008

Witnessing at the Christmas Lighting in Prescott

We had an awesome time witnessing today. We went to the Prescott Christmas parade and Courthouse lighting. In all, we had a team of about 26 people. In this picture we are missing some of our group, but it was the only group picture we got.

With us, were two families that live in RV's and travel around the country evangelizing( you can visit their website at ), and some other people that came to our past crash courses. First we went to the parade and handed out lots of tracts and did some one- 2- ones.

This is an 82 year old lady named Josephine that my dad talked to. She wasn't open to the gospel.

Here are some other people that Dad talked to.

At one point, the little girl on the far left in the picture below was missing, and her family was distraught. We prayed for her and she was found within a matter of 15 minutes.

After the parade, we went and had lunch, and then most of the people went home. My family and Natalie (the daughter of one of the traveling evangelism families) stayed behind and went to the Courthouse lighting. We arrived a bit late, but it worked out perfectly, because we were able to tract the whole crowd that was leaving. Natalie and I were able to hand out a lot of tracts in a pretty short amount of time.

We had so much fun, and were so blessed to be able to serve our King!

Kiah B