Monday, October 31, 2011

Promoting 180

After watching Living Waters' new documentary, 180, we wanted to do everything we could to get the word out about it.  So just before we moved, we bought a huge 180 decal and one hundred copies of the DVD to give away.  We've been giving away the videos anywhere we can-- at church, at the store, on the street, even in the dentist office.  We're trying to spread the message as far as we can! And I have to say, I think our 180 decal on our van looks pretty cool too!  Or at least it used to.  The below picture was taken before we moved, and now we live on a dirt road.  You can guess what that means... our poor decal is very, very dirty.  :)

If you haven't seen the new documentary go here to watch it for free.  It's only 33 minutes and is truly life-changing.  Please take the time to check this out, and when you have watched it pass it on!

In Christ,

Saturday, October 29, 2011


To start off our mini farm we bought 50 chicks this week! We got three different breeds: Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, and Welsummers.  We had chickens many years ago, but it's been awhile and I am so excited to have chickens and fresh eggs again!

These little guys are just as cute now as they were when I was six years old.  I'm ten years older now and I should be more mature, but I still have so much fun playing with them and holding them.  That may sound silly of me, but I really can't help myself!  :)

Sleeping!  :)

Off the topic of chicks, this is a picture of Isaac reading his new favorite book. It's called The Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals.  Mom and Dad bought it for him at the last homeschool convention. This book contains a wealth of information on all sorts of farm animals from chickens to goats to cows to bees to rabbits to pigs (and more). Isaac has really enjoyed reading it, and he's learned so much about raising farm animals. I like to call him our expert on all things farm.  :)


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yes, Again

I haven't posted much lately, and you may be wondering what has been keeping us so busy. (Believe me, we have been busy.) The answer is this: We've been moving. Yes, again.

Isaac has for some time been developing a serious interest in gardening and farming. This interest has only continued to grow in him, and he really desires to have a farm with a huge garden, chickens, milk goats, perhaps a milking cow, and bees. Mom and Dad really wanted to give him a chance to pursue his dream, so when God provided a house with eight acres for us to rent in a town just 20 miles north of our where we then lived, they jumped on the opportunity.

So we moved. And now we're living in a beautiful home on eight acres and we are preparing to make this place a farm. God has so richly blessed us. This house and property is so much more than we could have possible imagined! We are so thankful to Him.

Packing up the old house

The new house

The barn, chicken coop, and corral

The guys on the property


More posts and pictures to come.  And perhaps they will be a little more... farm-ish.  :)