Thursday, April 28, 2011

School Is Almost Over!

I am thrilled!  Next Wednesday is officially my last day of school for the year!  I can't wait for summer.  The one drawback to my happiness is that I have a research paper that was due a couple of weeks ago that I haven't even started writing yet.  The research has taken me a very very long time.  I've finally finished that part of it though, so once I start writing it shouldn't take me too much longer.

Summer has got to be my favorite time of they year.  This summer Mamma and I are planning on working on homemaking skills, so I get to do lots of sewing and cooking and laundry, and whatever else we can find for me to do.  These activities are not always so appealing, but I really am so excited!  The beauty of summer is that by the time it ends, I am always ready to go back to school and get back into a routine schedule.  Right now though, I just can't wait for summer to begin!

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  1. Man I can't believe you've posted twice since I've last been on here! good for you! Really, great job.

    Yep, summer is amazing. It have to be my fave time of the year as well. Homemaking skills, eh? I could probably do more cooking....but I've already made a couple quilts, a purse, and I do the laundry twice a week so I think I'm good in those aspects! Great post, Kiah!



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