Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Winter Tip For The Day!

I know that we all learn from our mistakes. I definitely did today. Maybe you can learn from mine and not have to learn it yourself.

To all my homeschooling friends out there: Never, ever, drink hot chocolate at your school table! I don't care how convenient it is! Don't try it! I did today, and the results were disastrous.

I took quite a bit of time getting my hot chocolate ready. Half milk, half water, 1:45 in the microwave, one and a half packages of Nestle hot chocolate, stir until completely mixed.....
It was ready. I took it over to the table where I was doing my school. One slip of the hand, and suddenly, my perfect hot chocolate was all over the table, the floor, the chairs, everywhere. My cousin Mariah was with me when it happened. She uttered a simple, "Uh oh." I gasped and just stared for a few tormenting seconds. My mom yelled from the other room, "Please tell me that wasn't hot chocolate."

Then began the cleanup. First I got all the books off the table. I set them on the counter and my mom began working on them. I wiped up all the chocolate liquid with a wet rag and waited for that to dry. I then swept the whole floor, and when that was done, I mopped. Meanwhile, my mom had taken care of the books. Only one book was severely soaked, but unfortunately, it was a borrowed book. My mom wiped it up and blow-dried each page, but I will have to pay for a new one at the end of the year.

Needless to say, that was my little experience this morning. I hope you learned something from it. Just remember to be very careful where you set your steaming hot chocolate.

P.S. My brother discovered something hilarious today that I quickly want to share with you. He looked up directions on for getting from our house to Tibet, China. He just wanted to see what it would say. He was surprised when he did. It told him to drive through California, and up through Oregon and Washington. After that, it said to kayak across the Pacific Ocean. That would be about 2,500 miles of kayaking. I don't know if you laughed, but we sure did.