Monday, January 30, 2012

A conglomeration of special moments of 2011 that just happened to be captured on camera

I know it is way too late to do a New Years post, but what do I care for that? Besides that, this is not really a "New Years post" anyway. My only intention in this post is to show you some pictures. My favorite pictures. From 2011. Does that constitute a New Years post? I wouldn't say so. But you can make up your mind differently if you wish.

In February, Isaac and I went to the Grand Canyon with our aunt and uncle and cousin Mariah.  It was cold, but gorgeous.
This picture gives me that awful feeling I always get when someone is in serious imminent danger, but for some reason, it's one of my very favorite we took of Isaac this year.

This is our tea table.  In February, Mom and I started taking tea together every day between 3 and 5 pm.  We enjoyed it immensely and continued our little practice for several weeks, but eventually stopped for some unknown reason.  (Too many lovely things cease in that manner I think!)  However, our tea times together were special and a memory I know I will cherish forever.

This was when it snowed and Daddy... Well, the picture speaks for itself.  :)

In March our family from Texas, whom you might remember from some previous posts, came to visit.  We were only together for one evening, but we had such a blast.

Ah yes.  I normally hate it when the camera man says, "Now do a silly one!"  We were having so much fun together on this occasion however, that I love this picture. 
This was taken on Mother's Day.  I made the blanket Mom is holding (actually I got some help from my dear friends the Crosses) and gave it to her on this occasion.  Mom is extremely fond of anything with roses, and this was a special gift for her, especially since I had made it.

Remember this picture?  I couldn't help posting it again, because it is definitely one of my favorite memories of this past year.

This is my cousin Josh and the newest member of our family, Amanda!  They were married in November.  We are SO very delighted to have Amanda in our family.
My precious Daddy and Mamma celebrated 20 years of marriage together this year.  God blessed them with a beautiful trip to Colorado where they spent a week together by themselves.  

While our parents were enjoying themselves in Colorado, Isaac and I were enjoying ourselves quite as much here in Arizona!  We stayed with our friends, the Crosses and had some of the funnest times of my life, which I will never forget.

I absolutely love this picture of my brother!  It was taken at Lake Powell on another trip with Aunt Kris, Uncle Tim, and Mariah.

Group picture with precious friends, the Iddings and Cross families.

My dear friend Hannah and me.  Thank you Gabby for taking this picture!

Our family picture for Christmas.  Yes, it was snowing.  And yes, that is the barn door behind us.

These pictures don't necessarily represent every important event in my life that took place this year; they are simply my favorites of those we took this past year.  And yes, it was a blessed year.  God has given us so much more than we could ever think or imagine!  Praise be to Him alone, because we sure don't deserve it!