Thursday, October 21, 2010

God's Providence in the Lives of Two Men

Last Sunday, an amazing thing happened as we were driving home from church.  We were on the interstate, going about 75 miles per hour, when we passed a blue pick-up truck that was hauling quite a lot of wood.  It looked the people in it had been woodcutting, because they had chainsaws and all that wood in the back of their truck.  Approximately 5-10 seconds after we had passed them, my Dad yelled out, "Oh my goodness, that guy just flipped his truck!"  We pulled over, and then backed up to the scene of the accident.  Meanwhile, my mom was calling 911, and I was sitting in my seat praying.

When my dad and brother got out of our van to check out the situation, a couple was just getting into their vehicle and driving away, and there were two Mexican men standing there talking.  After walking up to them, my Dad realized that those were the men that had just been in pick-up truck that rolled over!  By God's providence, the truck had landed in the perfect position to let the two men climb out unharmed.  I think one of the men had bumped his head, but other than that, they were both uninjured.

My Dad, in amazement, said to them, "Do you realize that God just saved your life?"  He  prayed for them both, and then gave them each a gospel tract.  The first sentence of this particular gospel tract read, "If you died today, do you know where you'd go?"  How appropriate, given their situation.  They were, I'm sure, thinking about death, it having just come so close to them.  Pretty much right after that, we left, praying for these men that they would see their sins for what they are, and God for who He is, and that they would turn from their sins and trust in Christ to save them.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Today we played Boggle.  If you're not familiar with it, it's a word game in which you search for words in 3 minutes and then compare your words with everyone else and count up your points.  I'm sort of a word game junkie, so this game just happens to be my favorite of all games.  Yes, I guess you could say I am addicted to it!  :)

 The game is played by searching for words.  You can only make words with connecting letters.  For instance, in the picture below, I could make the word grit because the g touches the r, and the r touches the i (diagonally), and the i touches the t.  However, I could not make the word bath because although the b touches the a, and the a touches the t, I would have to skip over the b to get from the t to the h.  I hope I'm making sense.  :)  Also, I wouldn't be able to make the word barren because I would have to use the r twice, which is not allowed.

In the game, you are only allowed to make four letter words and up.  Names, foreign words, proper nouns, and proper adjectives are prohibited.

In three minutes, I can find 16 words in the picture below.  How many can you find?