Monday, May 16, 2011

Winsome Womanhood

For my birthday, my cousin Mariah and her family gave me a wonderful gift.  It is a book, but not just any book.  It is called Winsome Womanhood, and was written by Margaret E. Sangster and published in 1900.  It encourages women in their roles in the home, beginning at a girl's youth, and ending at her death.  I've been reading it, and parts of it have been very encouraging.  Chapter two was called "The Daughter At Home" and was very encouraging to me, as that is the chapter of my life that the Lord has me in.

There is a note in the front of the book, written in pencil and a very pretty hand, that says,"Presented to 'The Five' Cunningham girls, By their loving Father, Dec, 25, 1901, Galena, O."  I don't know what in the world Galeno, O. is, but I absolutely love old-fashioned things, and this book is so special because of that.  Every page has beautiful dainty drawings all around the edges.  I just love it.

Me with Aunt Kris and Mariah

Thanks B Family!



  1. That's cool! I think I've heard of that book...but it's amazing it was published in 1900! wow...


  2. There is a Galena, Ohio, and a Galena, Oregon -- so my guess is that the Cunningham sisters lived in one of these?

  3. Yes, I'm sure you're probably right Daniel. Thanks! It would be cool if I could discover the history behind it, but it's still special just to know that there is history behind it.

    In Christ,


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