Sunday, April 15, 2012


Confession #1:  I'm not always right.  (Shocking, isn't it?)  :)  This will be seen in the following confessions.

Confession #2:  Apparently, I was wrong when I said that spring was here.  We had a large storm sweep through this weekend complete with snow, rain, wind, and much colder temperatures.  It snowed on Friday night and most of Saturday, creating the overall effect of a wintry January day.  Our wood stove, which I had previously thought was retired for the season, is back in business.

Confession#3:  Remember when I said that I could think of about 1,000 things to make with our very own backyard eggs?  I may have exaggerated just a little.  Or quite a bit.  Our hens have started to really kick into action, and since we have 29 of them, we're getting almost 2 dozen eggs every day.  That's a lot of eggs, I can tell you.  And now we're scrambling (Haha, did you like that?) to find ways to use them up!

Confession #4:  Well, this isn't really a confession; I just didn't want to break the trend.  I have a little bit of exciting news I wanted to tell you!  Yesterday we finally got the baby goats on a schedule of bottle-feeding only two times a day, once at 6am and once at 6pm.  That means Friday night was the first night in over a month that we haven't had to get up in the middle of the night to feed goats. (That's as long as you consider 4am the middle of the night, which I do.) Well, I should say the first night in over a month that Isaac didn't have to get up to feed goats.  There were several nights that I didn't go with him.  Anyway, that is so exciting for us!  We get to enjoy this wonderful reprieve for almost a whole month before Bess gives birth, and then we have to start all over again.  I'm not going to think about that quite yet though; I'm just going to enjoy the present!

Confession #5:  I didn't have any pictures to go with this post.  Sorry!  Maybe next post...

Confession #6:  The last confession made me think of this:  I've been meaning to do a post for a long time with pictures of Isaac milking Betty, but I haven't gotten around to it.  Maybe that will be my next post.  Now don't hold me to that!  I'm just saying it might be a possibility.  :)


Friday, April 6, 2012

An Arizona Sunset

As beautiful as these pictures are, this sunset was even more gorgeous in person.  We serve an amazing God!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Adventure on the Farm (In which we decide that three baby goats just wasn't enough)

Well, I'm very sorry if you are growing tired of posts about the farm; however, that seems to be our life just now.  Today I'm posting about our newest adventure--Boer goats!

We got an opportunity last week to take two baby Boer (Boer is a meat breed) goats for free. The people we got them from have over 300 Boer goats that live on thousands of acres and live off of the land.  Once in a while during kidding season, the owners have to go through the herd and make sure there are no little babies that are sickly or may not make it in the wild.  Last week they had found two of these--one buck who was the runt of triplets, and one baby girl who was abandoned.  They both were very sickly and could not walk when they found them, so they brought them to their house and began to take care of them.  We got them when they were approximately four days old. They both had several different problems and we were not sure if they would make it or not.  They are doing much better now though, and we think that they will be just fine.

This is S'more.  He had a sore on his leg which I think he had rubbed raw by crawling.  That is much better now, and out of the two, he is the healthier.  He's the one you will see running and jumping around just like a little goat kid should.  (By the way, S'more's eyes are not really blue; they were just reflecting that way in the picture.)

This is Bordeaux.  She is still a little frail, but adorable nonetheless.  She has a little raspy cough occasionally and one cloudy eye that it seems will simply not get better.  We are afraid she might be blind in the one eye, but we are not sure.

These little guys are simply adorable.  They are living in the house for now until they get a little stronger, and I think we've spoiled them because of it.  But we can't help it!  S'more simply loves to be held and cuddled, so much so that we call him the lap goat.  He will cuddle right into your lap and either sleep or just rest, completely content.  You can see the truth of this from the pictures below.

 Bordeaux and S'more are not related, but they've lived together since the first or second day after they were born, so they are absolutely inseparable.  If we let them out (which we do occasionally) and S'more realizes that Bordeaux has wandered off and he can't see her, he will start wailing and running around looking for her until he finds her.  It is the cutest thing to see.

Here, both Daddy and S'more fell asleep in the chair and I just couldn't pass up this shot!  Talk about spoiled, huh?

 On a side note, I want to announce that spring is here!  We are definitely having warmer weather and it would be lovely if only the wind would let us enjoy it!  Unfortunately, the wind is unrelenting--at least for now.  Hopefully it will let up enough for us to enjoy the beautiful spring time soon.