Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th of July

To be honest with you, before Saturday, my family hadn't gone out and evangelized in a pretty long time. So we thought, what better day to preach the gospel than on the 4th of July! There was a huge parade planned for Independence Day at the Prescott Courthouse. They were expecting about 2,000 people to show up for it. So we decided to go! Some people from Prescott and from Phoenix came with us. All in all we had about 20 people. We handed out hundreds of tracts, and then some of the people in our group open-aired on the steps of the courthouse. It was an exhausting, but awesome day.

This is a pic of our group. However, some of the people that came with us are not in this picture, because we hadn't met up with them yet.

This is a pic of my Dad and brother passing out tracts.

This is my Dad open airing. He started off by giving away money for trivia questions about the United States Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

This is a pic of a lady named Linda Essary preaching.

This is Sean preaching.

This is Sheri. She looks like she was singing but she was really preaching and pleading with the lost.

This is Edwin Lo open-airing.

God bless you! As Todd Friel would say, "Until next time, Go Serve Your King!"