Thursday, September 6, 2012


Well, I'm sorry for the long absence.  To be honest, I haven't really had anything new or interesting to share.  I could have written about every new development in our house-hunting adventure, but that whole situation was so frustrating and ever-changing that I didn't want to overwhelm and bore you.  Now that the roller coaster has seemed to come to an end, however, I finally feel comfortable updating y'all on our status.

I am constantly amazed and awed at the way our Sovereign God works in our lives.  It's never quite the way we expect it, but it is always perfect and good, even when we can't see it at the time.  Trying to find a place to live this time around has really been a roller coaster ride.  It was frustrating and it was difficult, but when it came down to the end, God did it that way to test us, to make us trust him more, to make us wait on him.  And it was good.  That doesn't necessarily mean that it was fun all along the way.  It wasn't. But it was His plan, and even if I still couldn't see the ways in which he has used it for good, (and I do!) I could still know that it was perfect because He is perfect.

So what was His plan?  Well, it's not completely over yet, but it looks like this is the house he has given us.

We are currently in escrow, and things have gone pretty smoothly thus far.  We made it over the hump of the appraisal without any hangups, so it looks like we are on the home stretch! (You may remember that the appraisal was the thing that stopped the last house deal we tried to close.)

We are so excited and thankful to be getting this house.  It's really a nice place with four bedrooms and a garage on two and a half acres. But the best part of all is that it is just one mile away from where my aunt and uncle and cousin (who just happens to be my best friend!) live.  What a huge blessing that will be for our family!  I'm not going to even try to describe how much I look forward to that!

Our close date is on or before September 28th, so we have planned the big move for the 29th.  That gives us, let's see... only 23 days!  Hmmm.... that's not very much time, is it?  :)

I really can't wait.  No, I'm not really looking forward to packing, moving, unpacking, and organizing all of our earthly possessions.  I am, however, greatly looking forward to settling down in a new place and actually feeling like it's our home.  There are many advantages to renting, (one of them being the reminder that we're just borrowing everything that we have on this earth and that this is not our true home) but it will be so nice to not have to worry about scratching the wall because it doesn't belong to you again.

So, that's the update!  Again, sorry for delaying so long.  I'll try not to keep the blog so silent in the future.