Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's been forever!

So, I haven't blogged for a VERY long time, and I'm sorry about that. I don't really have any excuses either, which makes it worse. I wish I could say that I've been really busy, or something like that, but the truth is...... I've been lazy!

My family is reading through The Pilgrim's Progress right now! We are reading it together as a family (almost) every night. I can't wait to see what happens to Christian as he travels on his journey!

We are starting to get ready for VBS at our church! This is the time when my life truly does start to get busy! During the month of June, I usually feel like I practically live at church! It is an exciting time though, and I can't wait to see what God is going to do through Vacation Bible School this year. Please pray that it would be awesome, and that God would use it greatly to bring not only kids, but their parents also, to Christ.

Well, I guess that's all I have to say for now! Hopefully I'll write again soon, and won't wait for three months like last time!

God bless you!

~Kiah B.