Tuesday, November 4, 2008

John McCain Rally in Prescott, AZ

Last night we went once again to the Prescott Court House, but this time we knew something big was going on. John McCain was scheduled to be there at Midnight, and some really famous singer was supposed to be there.

When we got there at about 6:00 there weren't very many people there, but they came very quickly. Before long there were thousands of people line waiting to get into the square. We were able to get out a lot of tracts and my Dad even got some interviews (He was interviewing people on God and country). We only stayed until about 9:00 because we didn't really care to be there when everything got SUPER crazy. But we had a wonderful time serving the Lord. It was so awesome! I'm so thankful that God gave us such a great opportunity to share the gospel with others. To God be all the glory!

Kiah Borman

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  1. ha obama won!
    and I don't think god exists, and I don't think its fair trying to convert people either


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