Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Evangelizing and Me

Four months ago I did not care about evangelizing. I was familiar with the Way of the Master and I knew that unsaved people would go to Hell for eternity, but to be honest with you, it didn't concern me. It wasn't me going to Hell, so I didn't care.
Then my Dad went to the Ambassador's Academy. I was expecting him to say when he came home that it was great, he had fun, etc. But he didn't. He was totally changed. When he told us about it he couldn't stop crying. It was amazing to see how broken he was before God and I could just tell that he was more in love with the Lord than ever before. It seemed like over a period of 3 days he had suddenly grown a heart for the lost and a greater love for Jesus.
It was like it was contagious. My whole family was suddenly energized by the thought of sharing our faith. And it didn't stop at our immediate family but wore off onto my cousins and many in our church. It was so cool to see everyone so on fire for God. Now my best friends are asking us, "Are you guys going to go pass out tracts toady? Can we come with you?" It is so cool. And now, to build an evangelism team, my dad is having a WOTM crash course at our church. Afterwards a bunch of people from my church are going with us to Mill Avenue to evangelize.
I just praise God for the change in our church and in our own lives. It is so exciting to tell lost people about Jesus!

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  1. Good communication of what is going on Kiah. It makes me excited all over again just reading about it.

    Love Dad


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