Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Crash Course and Mill Avenue

Last Saturday was our Crash Course at our church. I realize that my dad and my brother have already posted on their own blogs about Saturday, but I still want to post on my own. So it went really good. The Crash Course was great, and I made it all the way through even though I was really hungry by the end!!! :) So afterwards there were nineteen of us, not including the leaders that came from Phoenix to help my dad, that went to Mill Ave. Thankfully, we had no problems on the way down and made it there safely. When we got there we split up into groups of three or four and started walking around. I was with my Dad, my Mom, and my brother, Isaac. We started handing out tracts as soon as we got there, but the people just didn't want them. We had very few people who take them. Even the MBD's were not grabbing their attention. We found that most of them had already gotten one. Anyway, the first person my Dad talked to was a street kid named Ghost. Dad talked to him for probably forty-five minutes and didn't really get anywhere. He said that he hung around Mill Ave. a lot and I think some other people had already talked to him in past weeks. He was really smart and knew the Bible better than most professing Christians do.
Then we talked to a black lady named Deedra, and her male friend Lexis. Deedra said she was a Christian, but said that Lexis was the one that we should be talking to. So Dad talked to Lexis and found that he had been raised in a Christian home, but was not walking with the Lord. Dad gave him the Law and he seemed convicted. Then Dad gave him the Gospel and finally ended up saying, "Lexis, is there anything that is stopping you from getting right with God?" And Lexis said, "No." So Dad encouraged him to read his Bible and told him to get right with God before he went to bed that night. Dad also gave him his phone number, but as far as I know Lexis hasn't called.
So we had a couple of good experiences, but the most encouraging event of the night happened to my mom's friend Donna. Her leader was named Dave. I guess what happened was this: Donna and her husband Joe were talking to some people and Dave kinda strayed away from their group and was talking to another guy. When Dave finished, he came up to Donna and Joe and said, "That guys seemed really convicted." So they started walking along when that same guy came running up behind them, calling Dave's name. When he caught up with them he said, "Dave, what do I do to repent?" Isn't that awesome??!!! So Dave and Donna and Joe prayed for him and then he prayed himself. Dave told us later that his prayer was really contrite and repentant. Isn't that awesome???!!! It just makes me want to get out and witness more!!

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