Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We just can't seem to get all our ducks in a row...

...and we only have four of them!

Mamma and Daddy went shopping by themselves last Saturday, and when they came back they had a very pleasant surprise for us!  Ducklings on a buy-one-get-one-free sale?  Really, who can pass that up?

These little guys are called Khaki Campbells.  From what I understand, they are one of the best layers of all duck breeds.  Apparently, and I didn't know this before, this breed of ducks lays an average of 300 eggs in a 365 day year.  That is even more than a chicken!  

I had never had ducks before Saturday, and I was naively unprepared for their behavior.  I suppose I shouldn't have been expecting them to act like chicks, but somehow I was surprised when, instead of drinking water while standing outside of the dish, the little duckling plopped right down into the dish of water and began drinking!  Silly me, ducks are ducks--not chickens!  :)

In other news...

Betty's kids are finally weaned and looking extremely fat in my opinion.  They have grown so much!

Bess is due to have her own kids in 9 days!

And I really couldn't resist posting this picture.  Doesn't S'more look just like a little puppy?


P.S.  I almost forgot to mention that I've finally reached my 100th post!  Don't congratulate me.  It only took me three and a half years to make it here.

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