Saturday, December 18, 2010

I can't believe it's actually Christmas!

Did Christmas sneak up on anyone else?  It seems like just a couple of days ago that I was saying that Christmas was a month away.  Now here we are: Christmas is exactly one week away!

We started putting up decorations just a little after Thanksgiving.  Isaac had to get up on the roof to put up Christmas lights, because our ladder wasn't tall enough in some places on the house.

We've been enjoying the cold weather and the fires and the Christmas season in general.  My Dad has had the opportunity for lots of overtime at his work, so he's been taking it.  So far, he hasn't been able to join in the Christmas traditions and festivities yet, because of all the time he's been putting in at work.  Now my Dad is a Christmas present enthusiast.  He is almost always the one to say, "Let's open a present!".....  on December 15.  He never can seem to wait for those presents!  He even has a "Christmas face" as we call it.  Here is an example of that face:

So, a couple of days ago, in order to get my Daddy into the Christmas spirit, we let him open an early present.  It was a new stocking that my Mom had made for him.  His old stocking was from his childhood, and was in desperate need of replacing.

Here are some other miscellaneous pictures:

The stockings my Mom made for Isaac and me when we were little:

In the midst of all the traditions and festivities of the Christmas season, it can sometimes be hard to keep our eyes focused on Jesus, the real reason we're even celebrating this season.  However, that is something we are earnestly striving, and sometimes struggling, to do.  I pray that, for me and for you, all the wonderful things that we get to enjoy at Christmas would not get in the way of, but only encourage, the love and thankfulness we have toward God for sending his only son to earth to save us.  Have a very Merry Christmas!

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