Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Of Bridges, Red Rocks, and Blue Water

My Uncle Tim travels all over Arizona for his work.  One of the places he travels to pretty often is Page, Arizona.  Last Sunday, he took us, along with Aunt Kris and my cousin Mariah, with him to Page.

Page is a very interesting place, to say the least.  It is a very small town established to provide a place to stay for the workers who were building Glen Canyon Dam in the late 1950's.  It is however, a very beautiful place.

On our way there, we were caught in a snow storm, which (I am told) is very unusual for that part of Arizona.  We stopped to take some pictures before we headed up the mountain to Page.

On the morning of our first day there, we took a short trail to the edge of the canyon containing the Colorado River.

In this picture you can see Glen Canyon Dam.

Later, we drove to a scenic view of Lake Powell, the resevoir created by the dam.

Page is very close to the border of Utah, so we drove about 15 miles so we could say that we had been to Utah.  :)

After Uncle Timmy got off of work that day, we took a tour of the Glen Canyon Dam.  We learned a lot of interesting things about the dam, most of which (I'm sorry to say) I now cannot remember.  (Too much information all in one 45 minute tour!)  I do however, remember that Glen Canyon Dam is the fourth tallest dam in the world.  Or was it the US?  Bummer!  I can't remember.  Sorry!  :)

Here, we are standing on the top of the dam.

This is a view of Lake Powell from the top of the dam.

After we finished the tour, we drove down to the lake, looked around, and took pictures.

The next day it was time to head for home again, but we made some stops on the way.

First, we hiked a trail that led to Horseshoe Bend.  Horseshoe Bend, as you can see in this picture, is a spot where the Colorado River does a complete u-turn around a huge rock peninsula.  It really is quite majestic.

Later, still on our drive homeward, we took a little detour and stopped at Navajo Bridge. This bridge also stretches across the Colorado River. 

While there, we were blessed to see a California Condor.  This bird is the largest North American land bird, and is one of the world's rarest bird species.  Currently, there are only 192 of these birds known to be living in the wild, so we were very excited to see one.

Why is it, that no matter how wonderful a trip is, you are always glad to get home?  I don't know the answer to that question, but that is how it was for me.  I had a great time in Page, but it felt wonderful to be home again.


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