Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tracts and a Kind Man

Today we went to the Anthem Outlet Mall solely for the purpose of handing out tracts. We had a good time, but the highlight of the day was when my brother Isaac and three of our friends handed a tract to a man in the Food Court. The man took a minute to look at the tract and then handed back to my brother and friends saying," I'm already a Christian. Give this to someone else." Isaac (my brother), and Joe, Mike, and Matt (our friends) took it back and were handing out tracts to other people in the Food Court. A little later, the same man came back to them and said something like, " You guys are doing a really good thing here. I want to buy you all sodas." So he did. Isaac, Joe, Mike, and Matt were blessed. It was just cool so I thought I'd share the story.

~Kiah b

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  1. That is awesome!! A similar thing happened to us in the drive-through @ Starbucks. We handed out three tracts (there were three workers behind the counter) and the guy we gave them too said he was already a Christian. But, he kept the three tracts and gave it to his fellow workers. It's pretty awesome to meet other Christians while giving a tract out--it's rare but special when it happens. It encourages me when that happens.

    In Christ,



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