Friday, January 14, 2011

A Chilly New Years Eve

Well, New Years came and went, and it's now 2011!  Sort of hard to believe, but I think I'm starting to get used to writing 2011 on all my schoolwork.

We had a very lovely and quiet New Years Eve.  It was very cold, and we had gotten lots of snow just a couple of days earlier!  That week was the first time this winter that we have gotten snow that stuck around for more than a single day, and I loved it!  Even now, there is still some on the ground.

These pictures were taken on New Years Eve.

Our cousins came and played some games with us that night, but they only stayed until about 10:00 I think.  As they were leaving, we discovered that it was -6 degrees outside!  BBRRRRR!  We (minus my dad who was very tired) stayed up until 12:00 to usher in the new year, and then went to bed immediately!  :)

God bless you all in this new year!

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  1. Hey Kiah! love your blog! Those are great pics... :)

    -Tia Rising


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