Friday, January 22, 2010

A Long Overdue Update

To those who read this blog (if indeed there are any): I am very sorry that I have left you in the dark for so long. I have been busy with school and such, but I have no good excuse for not keeping you updated as I should have. Well, here goes.

You probably think that I am now moved to Texas. I am not. Let me explain. Our house was indeed in escrow, and we were planning to move shortly after Christmas. But our plans were not God's plans. The deal with the house fell through (it did not appraise for our bottom price), and we were back to square one. Dad continued to search for jobs. We began to feel that perhaps God did not want us to move to Texas after all. We still knew that we needed to move, but where was uncertain.

You see, when God first called us to move, we thought that he was calling us to Texas. That was where we felt him directing us. We didn't want to move there very much. It was far from our family, our close friends, and everything that we had ever known. But we were willing to sacrifice everything to follow him. In the end, he didn't require it.

After the sale of the house fell through, Dad started applying for jobs pretty much everywhere. (He had a temporary job working as a landscaper, but it didn't pay much, and he needed to find a permanent job that could provide for our family.) However, no amount of resumes, cover letters, and applications could prevail. He just couldn't find a job!

Then, on New Year's eve, we went to a party at my Aunt and Uncle's home. There was another family there, and Dad started talking with the father of the family about our situation. The man said, "Well, I've got some job openings at my company." And that's how it started. Dad sent in a resume, interviewed for the job, and was starting the next Monday. It was incredible how God worked it out! Needless, to say, he is now working in a town only about an hour's drive from where we live now. That town is where my cousin and best friend lives! God is amazing, isn't He?! The only thing about this job is that it is a so called "temporary job". It is expected to turn into a permanent job in 3 - 6 months, although there is no guarantee that it will. We are waiting until it does "go permanent" before trying to rent a house there or anything. For now, Dad is commuting.

We are praising God that He has so provided for us, and that He did not ask us in the end to move so far away from the people that we so hold dear. I think that it would have been harder than I could've imagined.

Well, there is the update. Again, I'm so sorry I haven't posted in SO long. God bless you!

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  1. Yes! There are people who read your blog! Thanks for the update!


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