Friday, September 25, 2009

Update from Texas

Well, on Wednesday night we set out for Texas. We went to get an idea of houses and jobs in the area and stuff. It was a long drive, but (Praise God!) we arrived safely at My Uncle Frank and Aunt Marilyn's house about 19 hours later. Yes, it was a very long drive. I was very happy to be out of the van by the time we got there. That night, we had pizza and hung out with my Aunt and Uncle, and my mom's cousin Jennifer and her two kids Elizabeth (3 years old) and Abrianah (almost 2). We had a lovely time visiting together. Elli and Abri are so precious! They are some of the sweetest little girls I've ever known.

Today, we slept in (Yeah!!) and then we just went and drove around in the area looking for houses and just trying to get a general idea. We did that until about 3:30, and now we are back at Uncle Frank and Aunt Marilyn's house. (I'm posting from Aunt Marilyn's computer.) I think tonight Jennifer and the kids are coming over again and Kimberly (my mom's cousin and Jennifer's sister) is coming over with her four kids: Kaytlin (8 years old), Mikayla (5 years old), Michael (5 years old), and Kamden (3 years old). So we should have a nice time together.

Tomorrow I think we will be looking around at more neighborhoods and stuff. On Sunday we will be going to our new church. I'm really looking forward to that. We will be going back home on either Monday or Tuesday. Being here now, I almost don't want to go back. It's green here. Very green. There's millions of trees and lots of grass...... and it's just beautiful...... and it's about 75 degrees....... and it's just beautiful....... and....... aaaaahhhhhh....... I really don't think I'm going to want to leave when it comes time to. We saw deer walk across the backyard this morning. I mean, how often does that happen back home? Never!

Anyway, I think I'm finished now. When I get back home, I'll post pictures of the trip. I can't do it on my Aunt's computer right now. Anyway, please pray for my family, that we would have patience in waiting on God, and that we would listen for his voice and follow his direction. And please pray that we don't get Texan accents and start saying y'all because it seems entirely inevitable!

God bless!


  1. I'd rather have a Texan accent then a southern North Carolina accent. Those.Are.Awful. "Y'all wanna come out to my place and have some swIte (sweet) tea?"

    19 hours? You guys must have been SOMEwhat close at least. Try driving from CA-NC!! IT took us a week! Billions of hotels, and ENDLESS HOURS of driving!!

    I can usually stand driving for around 12 hrs in a day. Just because I've made so many driving trips before. I've driven from CA-NC. From NC-SC (South Carolina) (My Mom's midwife was there when she was pregnant with Jess) I've made trips from North Carolina to Georgia. (Some cousins of ours live there) And I've made quite a few trips from ID-CA and back again.

    *PHEW* MOUTH FULL. 12 hours though is all I can really handle. On a slow day that's about what it takes me and my Aunt to commute from Idaho to Cali. If we're really making time we can get there in a bout 10 hours.

    -L. D.

  2. Lissie,

    Yeah, I can imagine that driving from California to North Carolina would be a very long drive. Arizona to Texas doesn't seem very far, but we were going almost to the east coast of Texas and Texas happens to be a VERY big state! We drove all the way through without stopping except for bathroom breaks. We are leaving for home tonight. :( I am not looking forward to it.

  3. OO..all the way through Texas? Yeah, Texas, is a big state. We had to drive partially through it, what with the route we were taking. AND THERE WAS A HUGE THUNDER AND LIGHTNING STORM!! It was at night, and lightning struck the lightning rod at the gas station we were at. It was pretty amazing!


    I hope you're trip went well. :0)


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